Welcome to your next opportunity! When you join the MaaYee family, a world of career challenge, growth and possibility are within reach. We work with you, and for you, to maximize your professional and earning potential. You will find us not only responsive, professional and caring, but really easy to do business with.


Our Promise... We will ALWAYS:

  • Do what we say we’ll do
  • Respond to you promptly and professionally
  • Prepare you for an effective interview (and even go with you if needed)
  • Cover your unemployment should you get laid off
  • Communicate regularly throughout the contract

Our Promise, We will NEVER:

  • Call and say you got the job, but for a lot less money
  • Pass less than 100% raise onto you (YOU keep it all)
  • Recommend you for a job that we know won’t fit
  • Not tell you about a challenging boss or situation
  • Forget about you…YOU are part of the MaaYee family!

As a successful IT staffing company for over 15 years serving clients large and small, corporate and government, domestic and abroad, MaaYee fully understands that our success revolves around our people. To this end, we have crafted the industry’s best Compensation, Benefit and Support program, focused on meeting and exceeding your needs both personally and professionally. Simply put, we care about YOU and we prove it with a best-in-class package.


Compensation Package - Annual Pay Option

Unlike the typical Staffing firms that locks you into a minimum wage/salary for their own benefit, but at MaaYee you can expect your expertise be valued and we match it with the best that market offers.In compliance with USCIS, Employment Laws and based on your referable expertise, we offer highly competitive salaries along with several performance incentives, company perks, Vacation/Sick days and Health Coverage.

Compensation Package - Profit Share Option

Here YOU decide your hourly rate expectations and the MaaYee professional marketing team will help you achieve it. We maintain full transparency by keeping you involved in all discussions and processing with our clients. Depending on your profit share position (percentage value), certain rules will be applied on benefits for this Package

Compensation Package - Per Diem Option

Here YOU can take advantage of our industry-unique Per Diem Package that brings you huge savings and puts more money in your pocket than other programs, all in compliance with GSA rules & regulations. This is our MOST POPULAR PLAN and a big differentiator for MaaYee.

Visa & Green Card Sponsorship

We sponsor several types of work authorization visas for our employees and their dependents on an immediate basis. We have been successful in getting our applicants approved and many have also gained Green Card status through our unique sponsorship program and our expert legal counselors.

Health Benefits Program

MaaYee provides YOU peace of mind! You are automatically and fully covered with Medical, Prescription, Short Term and Long Term Disability medical benefits (Provided by Assurant Health by Aetna Insurance Network) and Dental & Vision Benefits (Provided by Principal Financial).

401K Investment Program

A great way for you to save on a before-tax basis with several options to access your fund as you face any urgency (Provided by ADP 401K Services).

Project Relocation Program

MaaYee will compensate up to $1500.00 for your reasonable costs incurred for relocation between the project assignments and we will also coordinate the temporary living assistance and transportation needs.

Employee Referral Program

You can help yourself, a friend, and us by participating in MaaYee’s Employee Referral Program. You can earn a cash award of $500.00 if you refer an external applicant who is hired to an open position at MaaYee. Some of our employees have been successful in gaining an additional $7000.00/yearly through this unique program.

Loyalty Rewards Program

MaaYee aggressively supports the long-term growth of employee relationships and rewards employee achievement of tenure milestones and loyalty. You will enjoy the benefits of our generous and complete employee appraisal program which is activated automatically when you have achieved stated tenure milestones.

Compensation, Benefits & Support Summary

Effective Period: January 1 2021 – December 31 2021