MaaYee has been a "Preferred Provider" for all types of companies, large and small, corporate and government.

We are built to deliver on all client promises with cost effective, fully-vetted, high performance resources to support your business...
GUARANTEE - If not to your satisfaction within the 1st week, we replace our resources at no additional cost.

Our resources are available on:

  • any technology,
  • any expertise level,
  • any sized team,
  • any duration,
  • any time zone,
  • any model... ON-SITE, REMOTE or 24/7

Our process and ALL-INCLUSIVE rates, include:

  • Finding the right resource per your specs
  • Comprehensive skill and competency assessments
  • Background checks & Drug tests
  • Relocation, travel and accommodation arrangements
  • All administration including payroll and immigration
  • Continued resource oversight

With our Global Strategic Partners, we deploy resources promptly and cost-effectively while supporting our clients in all time-zones, handling the commercial matters on local terms and providing in-person service while developing key relationships with local suppliers that ensure the optimal mix of cost and service.

AT MaaYee, we deliver the right resource, at the right time, at the right price... Nobody does it better!

Need to quickly ramp up a short or long-term project team? Do you have unique requirements? Under pressure to deliver on time-sensitive corporate initiatives? MaaYee has the solution.

While our Account Manager works with you to define your specific resource requirements, our Recruiters diligently work our ecosystem to secure the right resource(s), with the appropriate skill set, available NOW to meet your needs. And you are assured of the recurrent availability of these resources to ensure the required continuity.

Need a cost-effective, remote team for a specific technology under your direction? Need them to follow your methodologies AND in your time zone? MaaYee has the solution.

Save time, money and headaches, and maintain complete flexibility to add/remove team members, with our remote resources option. You control the entire process AND be assured our resources are dedicated exclusively to your project.

The MaaYee model also allows us to offer you a unique guarantee: If our resources don't meet your expectations within the first week, we will replace them immediately at no additional cost!

Need to see if a resource is the right fit? Need a short-term trial to assess performance? MaaYee has the solution. We fully support and facilitate this highly-demanded model through:

  • . Pre-contract training
  • . On-demand training while on contract
  • . Continual upgrading of technical and domain skills
  • . Regular performance reviews
  • . Orientation to future technology trends

Oversight and communication to ensure a perfect match MaaYee has a long history of success converting contract-to-hire resources to permanent status through our diligent requirement and resource matching process... Nobody does it better!

The Continual Challenge: You need readily-available, high-performing, skilled resources in a VERY COMPETITIVE marketplace. MaaYee has the solution.

We are EXPERTS and can save you the time, money and headaches of trying to secure the appropriate resources so you can focus on your critical IT projects, daily operations, and corporate initiatives.

Our worldwide professional network enables us to source exceptional, currently employed IT professionals who are seeking bigger and better challenges. Our unique process and targeted resource access utilizes interviewing methods and multi-layered reference techniques to entice select candidates to pursue your unique requirements.