We believe that no single company - regardless of location, size, reputation, or service - can promptly and effectively supply all aspects of a complex and tailored client solution. Therefore, MaaYee has developed an ecosystem of Strategic Partners around the world that combines best of breed products, services and resources to deliver complete Business & IT Solutions to ensure great customer satisfaction.

Whether your firms specialize in development and Technology Support Services or Staff Augmentation & HR Services, MaaYee has a partnership model for you.

Specifically, MaaYee supports 2 types of strategic partnerships:

  • Partner is prime vendor; MaaYee is sub-contractor (ideal for larger consultant firms)
  • MaaYee is prime vendor, Partner is sub-contractor (ideal for smaller, regional consultant firms)
Firms specializing in Development &Technology Support Services, Click here
Firms specializing in staff augmentation & HR Services, Click here

With MaaYee as Sub-contractor, You Get:

  • Readily-available resources on-demand
  • All skill sets, all technologies
  • 24/7, any time zone / global team deployment
  • Multiple staffing models available to meet your needs
  • Single point of contact for effective communications
  • Satisfaction-based Pricing Guarantee

With MaaYee as Prime Vendor, You Get:

  • Access to exciting global corporate and government projects
  • Co-marketing opportunities available
  • Experience in multiple technologies welcome
  • Structured "MaaYee Approach" ensures success
  • Single point of contact for effective communications
  • Join an industry leader in IT Solutions

With our professional onsite team and our global strategic partners, we together respond promptly and cost-effectively while supporting our clients in all time-zones, handling the commercial matters on local terms and providing in-person service while developing key relationships with local suppliers that ensure the optimal mix of cost and service.