RPA (Robotic Process Automation) describes technology solutions which use a business application’s user interface to automate a business process/transaction. It works with the existing LOB systems to perform specific tasks that the virtual FTE will perform, much like how a human would interact with those business applications.

It manages rules-based and repetitive tasks, allowing human workers to focus on more valuable, customer facing roles. RPA solutions can be used for both execution of work –in assisting as well as in replacing humans fully, and in decision making tasks – again in assisting as well as in replacing humans (referred to as Cognitive/Artificial Intelligence tools under the broad RPA umbrella).

Robotic process automation offers an opportunity to:

  • Digitize and transform the processes to achieve significant improvements in cycle time, higher accuracy at reduced costs and better customer experience
  • Leverage the newer features to enhance the automation benefits with tools that add artificial intelligence features over time
  • Make significant savings in back-office operations costs quickly, enabling client to reinvest IT budget in other digital innovations and growth

Why MaaYee for RPA:

  1. Tool Agnostic:

    • We bring the most appropriate tool for your LOB applications/technology and for the LOB process to be automated
    • We provide advice and consulting to help make the correct tool decision and the selection of the approach for RPA journey
  2. Well Defined Solution framework:

    • 5-step process transformation methodology to digitize, simplify, standardize, extend (upstream and downstream) and design for STP (making the process asynchronous)
    • Global delivery model, with the process modelers available onsite and the development team working offsite, for cost effective implementation
  3. Partnerships with multiple tool vendors:

    • With our professional onsite team and our global strategic partners, we together respond promptly and cost-effectively while supporting our clients in all time-zones, handling the commercial matters on local terms and providing in-person service while developing key relationships with local suppliers that ensure the optimal mix of cost and service.