MaaYee knows that effective and efficient IT departments are proactive, agile and enable all parts of their organization seamlessly. Through vast experience, we know what successful IT departments look like, and we know how to transform under-performing IT departments to support business success.

Through our Technology Assessment we will:

  • Meet with you to learn the basics of your business, strategy, and goals
  • View a snapshot of your current technology infrastructure, processes, and staff We then evaluate your business drivers, needs, and best practices:
  • Identify critical bottlenecks that are limiters to growth
  • Identify key inefficiencies resulting in wasted time and expenses
  • Identify gaps in industry accepted IT management best practices
  • Provide a clear and actionable roadmap for your IT department based on budget and needs.

After Assessment, we then bring to your attention on what is wrong, and most importantly, the root cause. Our streamlined methodology is tailored to the needs and challenges of small to middle market companies and help them prioritize top deficiencies in terms of urgency, risk, and importance.